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Boost Turku is a student-based network for young entrepreneurs and entrepreneur-minded people sharing knowledge among the universities of Turku.

We are also the most efficient producer of new jobs in the Turku region with 34 new companies and 100+ new jobs in 50 weeks and the best accelerator program in Finland according to Nordic Startup Awards.



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18 Aug
Erika Halonen
18.8.2015Erika Halonen

As you know, a few weeks back our offices were broken in to, and two of our startups lost a lot of their equipment. I blogged about it, and you won't believe what happened next! This is truly amazing!

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Startup Farm

Startup Farm is a co-working space in the heart of Turku. It provides free creative working space for visitors and hosts offices for around ten Turku-based startups.


Startup Journey is a program for teams with kick-ass attitude who want to make their idea reality. We are looking for teams with a potent business idea, skills to execute and willingness to commit to the program.