Startup Journey - are you one of the chosen ones?

How would you like to go on an amazing journey next summer?

Do you know that feeling of ”this is not enough”? It kind of feels like a tiger inside your chest that is just waiting to burst out and take over the world. It's that feeling that keeps you awake at night running thoughts and ideas through your head at 1000km/h of all those things that you know you could do.

If that sounds familiar, this is the place for you – Startup Journey!

This summer we will take you on a journey that will knock your socks off! It won't be easy, and places are very limited, but if you are one of the chosen ones, by the end of the summer, you will know it has all been worth it.

Startup Journey 2014

Startup Journey is a program for teams with kick-ass attitude who want to make their idea reality. We are looking for teams with a potent business idea, skills to execute and willingness to commit to the program.

Here's what you need:

  • An idea for a business concept. Think growth potential and scalability.

  • A kick ass team that is ready and willing to commit and work hard

From us you'll get ten weeks of:

  • the best coaches and mentors that will help polish up your idea

  • three weekend long boot-camps

  • coaching on various topics such as marketing, legal issues, pitching and sales

  • full access to Boost Startup Farm's co-working space

  • the best community of like-minded people to surround yourself with

  • excursions to startup events around Finland

  • key-note events, social events, networking events etc

We commit to doing everything in our power to push your limits, get you out of your comfort zone and help you in any way we can. We expect you to commit to hard work and participation in all of our events. We will be running two parallell tracks, one for game startups, and one for other startups.

To apply, send an application to, or if you are a game-team send your application to Tell us:

- the name of your team

- describe your idea, we want you to focus on WHAT THE PROBLEM IS THAT YOU ARE SOLVING. In addition, briefly explain how i.e. using what technology.

- present your team, why is your team super awesome? Why are you the right people to solve this problem? What are your skills?

To improve your chances, join one of our pitching events during the application period. The ideas with best potential are invited to an interview round after which you will know if you made the cut or not. If you are missing a team member let us know and we'll try to help you find one.

Application period opens on January 15th and closes on April 15th, or earlier if we find the right teams. Startup Journey begins June 6th and ends August 21st.

Any questions, just get in touch:, 040-3757651

What Will Your Team Get?

The aim of Startup Journey is to provide 12 teams with a mind-blowing experience in developing their own idea towards market traction and founding of a company.

As a part of the program you will get weekly intensive coaching from experienced entrepreneurs, training in different topics, working space at Boost Startup Farm and the support of Boost startup community.

Who can apply?

The program is aimed at, but not limited to, students and researchers from Turku and Finnish universities. You should have a team with kick-ass attitude who wants to make your idea reality. One important factor is the ability to execute and prototype the idea during the program. 

Schedule for the summer of 2014

Startup Journey 2014 starts June 6th and ends August 21st. More details on schedule still to come.

Upcoming Events

Startup Journey is a program for teams with kick-ass attitude who want to make their idea reality.


Startup Journey '14 DemoDay!

6pm @Ravintola Mauno


Startup Journey is a program for teams with kick-ass attitude who want to make their idea reality.

Binary Cat Games

Binary Cat Games

We are Binary Cat Games, and we’re making a rock-themed puzzle platform game for PC, called Synesthesia. In the game you step in the shoes of a rockstar who encounters a mysterious blackout, and journeys into the depths of his mind to find out what happened last night. The player has a special ability to blast sound waves with his guitar, and he uses this ability to solve puzzles in the game. But why this ability? The name of the game might hint at something, and might also explain why there are some other weird things going on.


CROWDTOD™ is “a crowd-source” based platform for micro web-tutorials. Individuals in the community make a request and a donationfor specific micro web-tutorials they would like. After generating sufficient interest and funds from the crowd, our selected experts create the tutorials and deliver them to our platform. This is a unique platform where experts can make repeated revenue and the crowd gets personalized tutorials for affordable prices. We bring a motivated crowd with demands to experts who produce high standard quality tutorials.


We are doing a classic adventure game including weird tales, cosmic humour and shabby classical records. The game is heavily influenced by notorious Lovecraft stories, DOTT, Monkey Island, Vampyre Story and Monthy Python Movies. The core development team consist of game designer, 3 gfx artists/animators and a programmer. We also have an audio team of 3 talented musicians working to bring our demo on the next level. They have robust classical and electronic music backgrounds. find us on twitter: @keljaus or read our blog:


Our team is working on Smart Keychain project. The idea is to create a smart device which helps people to find and not forget their belongings. In general, people can find the application of this gadget in various areas of their lives. For example, one can use it for searching of lost keys, for preventing someone to take his luggage in the airport while he is away standing in the cue for cappuccino. The product is meant primarily for retail domestic use. The team has experience in software engineering and embedded computing.

Indium Game Stories

Indium Game Stories

We're a Finnish game development team, consisting of 2 artists and 4 programmers, all of whom are multi-talented rock stars. We're creating an open world survival RPG, where the playable character is turning into a zombie. Your choices will determine where in between a human and a zombie the character will end.



Infinify is a next generation collaboration software that runs in any browser, on any device, and free. It also helps that it's user interface is no more difficult to use than the all familiar whiteboard: a white surface with stuff on it. Real time collaboration, seamless sharing integration with cloud storage services, secure encryption and a powerful revisioning system makes Infinify a compelling choice for businesses and projects where efficiency and action are high priority.


JULJA is a new Finnish womenswear label designed by Nora Peltoniemi. JULJA clothing is flattering, flirtatious, easy to wear and of high quality. The clothes are made in a way that fits and compliments different body types through its cuts and colors. JULJA’s target group isn’t defined by age, but more by personality. JULJA woman is outgoing, strong, independent, loves her body and is not afraid to show it. This spring JULJA launched its first ready-to-wear Fall/Winter collection that will be sold through company’s own online store next September.

Kuutti Entertainment

Kuutti Entertainment

We’re a three person group of highly motivated students. Our mission is to build Finland’s next top-selling game company and we have a great passion towards game related technology and gaming itself. We consider our main assets to be our education, the curiosity to learn and iron-willed determination to make quality entertainment. Every one of us has had a dream to be a game developer ever since we were young. Now we have a chance to make that dream a reality.

Qaava Medical

Qaava Medical is a developer of mobile collaboration software for multidisciplinary clinical teams. Its focus is to streamline the overhead created by current analogue communication methods used within hospitals: face-to-face meetings, telephone calls and paper. Recognizing that Mobile and Social technologies have tremendous potential as a medium for promoting collaboration among healthcare professionals, the Qaava Medical vision is to make the collective expertise of clinical teams greater than the sum of individual members. For more:


Sportout, a community for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Our team is obsessed with two things, curiously exploring the world and outdoor sports. When we go out and exercise we always have GPS-trackers and cameras with us. Using this data we can plan and show our sport adventures in beautiful ways. Sportout is a network for sharing adventures and connecting with other sport enthusiasts who wants to explore the world using their muscle power.

Startup Journey is a program for teams with kick-ass attitude who want to make their idea reality.


Startup Journey is a program for teams with kick-ass attitude who want to make their idea reality.

Wili Miettinen

I'm a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor. The last couple of years I've been particularly interested in crowd sourcing, cloud labor, and human computation - disruptive technologies that are transforming the way people work all over the world. A hacker at heart, I've spent way many years banging out code in assembler, C, and other languages used by real cowboys. I've got a long background in computer graphics, and was the CTO and one of the founders of Hybrid Graphics, a pioneer in real-time 3D graphics technologies. I was the co-author of the SurRender3D engine as well as the Umbra visibility optimization middleware.

Reko Ukko

Reko is currently the Lead Game Designer and co-founder at Seriously and has worked on game design professionally for 10+ years. He has shipped successful titles at Bugbear, Digital Chocolate, Remedy and NaturalMotion in Oxford, where he was the Head of Design and worked on world-class titles such as Clumsy Ninja.

Petri Lehmuskoski

Founder of Gorilla Ventures, Petri is an investor who is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He is a strategic thinker and an advocate of the lean methodology. As an entrepreneur since the age of 18 he knows what it takes to grow a company to success. Today he invests in 2-6 companies yearly and enjoys helping startups build their businesses and achieve better results.

Niklas Kiviluoto

With a Masters in marketing and a Doctorate in growth entrepreneurship by the age of 26 Niklas is familiar with research. As a visiting scholar at Stanford he was introduced to design thinking. Struck by this customer/end-user centric way of developing products & services he left academia and started at Palmu where he has gotten experience in developing businesses – among others in media, banking, universities, travel, accounting, IT, and security.

Mo El-Fatatry

Mo's decade-long entrepreneurial career includes founding award-winning companies (Best Startup 2009), raising millions in funding and taking them international. He was the first immigrant to receive the "President of Finland’s Internationalization Award" by President Halonen and was among 200 business leaders recognized by President Obama at the “Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship”. More at

Mikko Kämäräinen

As a design thinker at Infinity he is passionate about the promotion of creative thinking. Furthermore, he also focuses on Open Innovation and strategic design as a business tool. With a background in both design and engineering, he was a co-founder of Infinity, which is a design consultancy business currently active in Finland and Estonia. Mikko is one of the writers of The Changing Role of Design report, which was commissioned by the Finnish Ministry of Employment and Economy.

Mika Marjalaakso

Mika was the founding CEO of Viola Systems, the company which was selected as the best European startup in 2001. Mika has personally raised, and helped fellow entrepreneurs raise over 10M€ from prominent angel investors in Finland, USA, and Russia, and advised countless startups over the last 15 years. You can follow Mika on Twitter @mmarjala.

Esteve Pannetier

Esteve has been involved in making the magic happen between people for many years, first as commercial ethnographer in the field of design and an entrepreneur, as marketing strategist, and more recently as a speaker, lecturer and coach in organisational change. To learn more, visit!

Aki Järvinen

Aki Järvinen, Ph.D., is a 10+ year game industry veteran and noted speaker in both industry and academic conferences. His background is in design, but in recent years Aki has been leading teams in creating state-of-the-art mobile and social games. His credentials include number of mobile and online games, and a doctoral dissertation on game design and emotions. Currently Aki works as Product Lead at Grand Cru, leading development on an ambitious iOS game.